Homeless Family Sues Good Samaritan for His House

A Florida man who claims he was doing a good deed by housing a homeless family could be paying dearly for it, TampaBays10 reported Thursday.

Jimmy Hill’s trouble began six months ago when he offered up his mobile home to friends of his family who were in the process of relocating to Pasco County. Several months after moving in, they stopped paying their $600 rent and his utility costs soared, Hill told TampaBays10. He knew it was time for them to go.

"I asked them if they would get out and they threatened to poison my dogs," Hill told the station.

Hill found out that he could not evict the family from the home because they are considered squatters, and he could be charged with child endangerment if he shuts off the utilities because a child lives there. The family has filed a restraining order and has sued him for his home, TampaBays10 reported.

The family was unavailable for comment but Hill said he can't afford the legal fees necessary to take them to court.

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