Human Remains in Croc's Stomach Tested for Missing Camper's DNA

Human remains found in the stomach of a giant crocodile thought to have eaten a Scottish-born camper in north-eastern Australia two weeks ago are being tested for the Vietnam War veteran’s DNA.

Police found the male human remains inside a 14-foot crocodile, which was caught in the Endeavour River, north of Cairns in Queensland, where Arthur Booker disappeared after checking on crab pots during a camping trip with his wife.

Authorities conducted an endoscopy and an X-ray of the crocodile — one of three they captured while searching for Booker — and found human remains and a circular object, which is reportedly a wedding ring.

A Queensland Police spokesman told Times Online the remains have been sent to a forensic scientist in Brisbane to match it with samples of Booker’s DNA which have been provided by his family.

“We don’t know how long it will take, the scientist wouldn’t give us a time frame because you can’t judge how long these things take,” the spokesman said.

"It’s not like we’ve swabbed the DNA out of someone’s mouth, we have taken it out of the stomach of a crocodile, so it’s an unusual situation.”

The crocodile, which could be up to 50 years old, is classified as ‘iconic’ by local authorities because of its age and size, and therefore cannot be harmed or killed.

It is currently being cared for by members of the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) in Cairns in far north Queensland, and once the police investigation is over, it will be moved to a crocodile farm.

However, because it is believed to have killed a human its whereabouts will be kept secret. It won't be displayed in public, or shown for tourism.

“It will not be released back into the wild,” a spokeswoman for the EPA said.

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