Food Scare: Chinese Green Beans Pulled From Shelves

There's another food scare involving China. This time frozen green beans, produced in the country, are being blamed for sending at least one person to the hospital.

As a result, a Japanese supermarket chain pulled the frozen beans from its shelves on Wednesday, Reuters reported. The move comes after it was discovered the beans were tainted with a pesticide.

Preliminary tests showed one package of beans contained 34,000 times the permitted level of the highly toxic insecticide, Japan's Health Ministry said.

The victim, a woman, was hospitalized with vomiting and a numb mouth after eating the green beans, which are imported from China by Nichirei Foods and sold in Ito-Yokado supermarkets, according to the report.

This latest food scare comes just a month after a major scandal involving tainted milk, which killed four babies in China and made thousands of others sick. During that investigation, officials found the milk contained melamine — an industrial chemical.

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