Car-respondence - Chevrolet Aveo5

Frosted Delight

I just bought a Chevy Aveo5 a couple weeks ago. It is the best car I ever bought. I am a 60 year old grandmother and it suits me just fine. Mine is the same color as my hair! LOL! I got everything except the sunroof.

Yolanda Hicks

Call Your Congressman

What was wrong with the Geo Metro that got 50mpg in the 1990s?? I have to laugh when people get excited about a car that gets 30mpg.I owned a brand new 1990 Geo Metro for under $7,000 and I wish I still had it today! It was a 3 cylinder and a little box but it got 52mpg and that was okay with me. They have been made before so why aren't manufacturers making them or something like them that gets 50mpg today?!? Did they all of a sudden get stupid?????????

Debbie Miller

FCR: The 1990 GEO Metro had an EPA rating of 41 mpg combined, and weighed about 1700 pounds. The Aveo5 weighs about 2500 pounds thanks to the equipment needed to meet today’s emissions and safety regulations, which the Metro could never do. Carmakers, including GM and Ford, sell vehicles like the Metro overseas. They’re not allowed to sell them here, which makes us wonder…

Where’s Fox Mulder When You Need Him?

It's about time the car makers started figuring out that most of us don't WANT to drive something that'll bankrupt us to either buy or drive. However, how can they claim that 27 mpg is great? My '87 Chevy S-10 got that much TWENTY YEARS AGO! This MPG thing is actually going backward and they're telling us they are getting better? There's a conspiracy afloat and it's gone beyond the politicians, oil companies and car makers....

Darin Everdyke

Build Them and He Will Come

Did the great car manufacturing nation just take a lesion from our Japanese friends? Cheep good gas mileage designed to fit a 6’+ Midwesterners with theater seats. It looks like American manufacturers are prepared to stop banking on our nationalism. Maybe, when my current car expires at 300,000 miles and if Chevy builds them here like my Honda I will buy one.

Brian Neville

Walk a Mile in His Pants

You said,"The suspension is tuned perfectly for potholed and pitted city streets, soaking up the biggest bumps without any pain being transferred to your Dockers, which were only worn for the purposes of this test."Gary! You were wearing my Dockers again!? You KNOW how I hate that! ;)

Rod Venger

FCR: Be thankful it was just the Dockers.

Smart Calculation

For such a small car I would expect it to get better mileage. AVG 37/40. I can buy a smart car and get 40 mpg for less.

Laura Mesa

FCR: True, but you’ll need three to fit five people in.