Researchers: Shark Blood Could Help Save Lives

They are one of the most feared creatures in the ocean – but scientists in Australia say sharks could potentially help save lives.

The team of researchers found that antibodies in shark blood are so incredibly resilient they may help fight cancer in humans, the BBC reports.

This is important because sharks have immune systems similar to humans.

The scientists believe the resiliency of their antibodies could be harnessed to help slow the spread of diseases such as cancer and lead to new drug treatments, according to the report.

The Australian team found the shark molecules can also attach themselves to cancer cells and stop them from spreading.

"The cells actually grow less than where we don't add a shark antibody or we add a completely irrelevant shark antibody," associate professor Mick Foley from Melbourne's La Trobe University, said in a news release.

"So this indicates the shark antibody that we have is binding to those cancer cells and for some reason causing them to grow more slowly and perhaps even killing them."

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