Pregnancy Myths Revealed!

Pregnancy myths are as common as well — pregnancy itself.
When a woman is pregnant with her first child, she may not be ready for the gaggle of women suddenly surrounding her, offering 100 percent guarantees on various techniques that can determine a baby's gender, to how much hair will be on his or her head, to even the amount of birthmarks they'll have!
Whether you're pregnant or you know someone who is, start guessing what the baby-to-be will be like with iMag's Top Five pregnancy myths!
1. Carrying High and Low
The most common of pregnancy myths seems to be that girls are carried high, and boys are carried low. (Now, if you can throw your belly over your shoulder like a continental soldier, we'll start to worry.)
2. Pendant Test
Hold a necklace with a heavy charm over a pregnant belly — legend says if the pendant moves in a circular direction, it's a girl. If it swings back and forth, it's a boy! (Did it swing circular AND back and forth? Be careful — it may just be twins!)
3. Heartburn?
It seems like a spin-off of a Pepto-Bismol commercial — heartburn, indigestion — a hairy baby? This legend says that if you have heartburn throughout your pregnancy, your baby will have full head of hair. (Now, if only we could get a way to determine if the baby will have your perfect waves and not your partner's receding hairline.)
4. Husband Gaining Weight?
As nine months pass, pregnant women have cravings — from banana pancakes, to green tea ice cream, to both of them together. However, in this pregnancy myth, if your husband begins to gain the weight and have stranger cravings than you, the baby will be a girl. If the scale stays the same before and after the pregnancy, it's a boy!
5. Food Cravings Lead to Birthmarks
Addicted to a jar of pickles a day? This old wive's tales says that if a pregnant woman eats too much of one food, it will result in birthmarks on their baby. So, perhaps skip on the fifth helping of your favorite food at dinner (besides, you have to leave room for desser!)
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