Eerie Picture Taken at Aquarium Shows Human Head in Shark Tank

It’s just what you’d expect to see in a snapshot from an aquarium. A shark, blue water — and a disembodied human head.

Emma Place, 21, took an eerie photo on her phone at The Deep Aquarium’s $91 million attraction in Hull, England.

Scientists at the aquarium admit they are baffled by the appearance of the man’s face, which appears to be looking up at a shark

Dentistry student Place, of Doncaster, only spotted the ghoulish face when she arrived home.

“My boyfriend said, ‘What’s that?’ I replied, ‘It’s a shark,’” she said. “He said, ‘No, the face.’ I was like, ‘Oh my God!’ It actually looks quite spooky.”

Bosses at the aquarium have spent hours searching CCTV footage, which confirmed the pair were the only ones inside the tunnel.

And they have even tried to recreate conditions in the tunnel where the reflection could appear, but with no success.

It’s not the first time ghostly goings-on have been reported.

A night watchman claims to have spotted a shadowy figure in the TimeLine, which charts the history of the world’s oceans.

Colin Brown, chief executive of The Deep, said: “We are a scientific center and we’re sure there must be a logical explanation. It’s just that we can’t find it.”

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