Tech World Prepares for Cut-Price Apple Laptops

Apple is expected to unveil new notebook computers next week -- perhaps even a laptop with an $800 price tag.

The company has sent out invitations to reporters and analysts for an event next Tuesday with the message: "The spotlight turns to notebooks."

The tech community has been buzzing as rumors of a new manufacturing process called "Brick" have gained attention. It's thought this might refer to a new aluminum casing for the new range.

The event will be held at the at company's headquarters in Cupertino, Calif. Apple executives have hinted at a new range of laptops, but Apple, as usual, is not commenting before the event.

Cheaper notebooks have fast been gaining market share as competitors have launched compact, durable models priced well below $500. Some analysts are expecting the new Apple laptops to start at less than $800, compared with $1,099 now.

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