Sean Speaks with John and Cindy McCain Aboard the Campaign Plane

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SEAN HANNITY, CO-HOST "HANNITY & COLMES": And in addition to my exclusive sit-down interview with Senator McCain and Governor Palin, I also got the opportunity yesterday to travel aboard their campaign plane.

I want to bring you along. Take a look.


HANNITY: Senator, big debate last night. How do you feel?

JOHN MCCAIN, (R) PRESIDENTIAL NOMINEE: Good, good. Raised some — a lot of good issues and asked some questions that Senator Obama had no answer to. Whether it be the fines that small business people and parents are going to pay or whether it is that he actually wants $860 billion in new spending.

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And, of course, taxes. His plan increases taxes 50 percent of small business income. So, he had no response. So, I'm glad most importantly last night Americans are hurting and they need help now and we ought to go out and buy up these bad home loan mortgages and get them at the level that they actually are valued at and let people stay in their homes.

I think that.

HANNITY: That was a new proposal from last night that you come up with. And what do you look up when you are looking at the world markets and their suffering? Is it sort of like a ripple effect from the American economy? You see it's stabilizing at some point in the near future?

MCCAIN: I do, Sean. But I also strongly feel, as we all know, that it's home values that have to stabilize. We have to stabilize that. We go out and we buy up these bad mortgages and give them back to people at levels that they can afford and pay for and then we can stabilize this housing market.

And then, I'm confident that we can start back up. But.

HANNITY: All right, we're going to go into some of the specific of the debate.

MCCAIN: Yes, sure.

HANNITY: All right. Now on the personal level. See, you've got your daughter. You've got your wife and then you got this guy. I don't know where he's from.

MCCAIN: Lindsey Graham.


MCCAIN: I have him adopted.

HANNITY: Your adopted family.

MCCAIN: He is — he's an adopted son but we still haven't been able to reform of his — some of his habits, which we won't go into detail.

HANNITY: There was a lot — I guess maybe just from a behind-the-scene standpoint because I was just up in the front with you, everyone is smiling, having fun, you know, sort of upbeat. A lot of cities, a lot of travel, you know.

MCCAIN: What an experience. What an experience. I mean, you know, it's once in a lifetime. It's quite a — the enthusiasm Sarah Palin has ignited out there. And she is just — I mean, she is a marvelous — she inspires me. She really does. And she inspires me and he depresses me.

HANNITY: Now he doesn't inspire — I'm kidding about Senator Graham. But you've become good friends now?

CINDY MCCAIN, SENATOR JOHN MCCAIN'S WIFE: Oh, yes. I mean we share a lot common. We have sons in the military. It's a great bond between mothers. And more importantly she is just — she is a perfect fit for John. She is reformer. She is a straight talker.

She is — you know, she is just all about what's best for our country and I'm just so proud of her. She is wonderful.

HANNITY: And you guys give each other debate advice before you go into these debates?

MCCAIN: You know the only advice that we both got is have fun. Have fun. Two words. Just have fun. And that's — I think that's the point of this because it's so easy to get our tension.

HANNITY: No pressure. 70 million people watching. That's a piece of cake.

MCCAIN: It enormous pressure. But if you keep telling yourself have fun out there. Have fun. Enjoy it, you know? I mean last night, it's my favorite environment, obviously, interfacing with people, the chief petty officer, the woman who simply having so many challenges you could see in their faces, how tough things are — that's the kind of thing — the kind of environment that I think is really my best. And.

HANNITY: How important is it to have your wife, your daughter is over here and Lindsey, you know is.

C. MCCAIN: Our other son.

HANNITY: Your other son. How important is it when you're — when every day they get to travel and be with you on this — on the personal side, because you're putting in a lot of hours, a lot of travel, I mean you're in planes every day.

MCCAIN: It's very important. And other part of our triumph where it is our beloved Joe Lieberman. Nicest guy in the world.

HANNITY: He got mad at me by the way.

MCCAIN: Oh, no.

HANNITY: Yes, he got mad at me because I said — I didn't think he — I'm not sure if he'd be the best vice president because he's still a Democrat even though I love him, his positions on the war on terror. So he made me apologize.

MCCAIN: Yes. But, you know, he is the nicest. One of the most decent people.

HANNITY: I agree with you.

MCCAIN: A very fun guy, too, to be around.

HANNITY: He — I saw him last night. We had a lot of fun.

MCCAIN: Yes. So — and we have a lot of other friends who are with us. Some of them come on and got off. Bobby Herrell, speaker of the South Carolina House of Representatives, is with us. We have so many of our friends around us and that's the fun part. That really.

HANNITY: And the good thing is if you actually win you get a bigger plane. Are you going to come up with your own seal?

MCCAIN: No. But you know what, Sean? You're going to go on my first overseas trip. And I think it might be to Ireland.

HANNITY: Listen, you were right about their tax rates. They did lower tax rates on businesses and it's been a big economic boom for them so.

MCCAIN: I'll take you with me on our first overseas trip. May not be to Ireland but, actually...

HANNITY: We have that on tape, right, guys?

MCCAIN: May not — may not be — we don't know where yet because we don't plan that far ahead. But I want to tell you that we are excited about where we are. We're happy where we are. It's been a great experience.

We got one more debate to show the American people really what the issues are all about and hard campaigning. And I want to tell you, I'm inspired by the people who come to see us and they take their time, their effort, their energy and their love on our behalf and that means we are going to do everything we can to not disappoint them.

HANNITY: All right, Senator, I get to sit down with you and Governor Palin in just a little bit when we land.

C. MCCAIN: Can I say something?


C. MCCAIN: I am so proud of my husband for what he has done but more importantly because he has always told the truth. He has never one time misled the American people and he stands for what is best in America. And he — I'm just so proud of the work he has done for this race and for this country.

MCCAIN: Now you see why in Arizona they always say why isn't she the candidate?

Thanks, Sean.

HANNITY: All right. Thank you, pal.


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