The next era of video games has begun.

Japanese game publisher Square Enix and American brain-wave-helmet maker NeuroSky showed off their latest joint creation at the Tokyo Game Show Thursday — a game that the player controls with his own thoughts instead of a keyboard or joysticks.

Called "Judecca," the PC game is a zombie-killing first-person-shooter, though it's really just a proof of concept and not something that's going to be available to consumers anytime soon.

At the Tokyo Game Show, a young player sported NeuroSky's Mindset device, which looks like a pair of headphones with a small boom microphone extending forward to touch his forehead.

The "microphone" is actually a sensor that detects electrical activity in the player's left frontal lobe. In "Judecca," the player has to attain a state of relaxation before he can accurately "see" zombies or walk through walls.

NeuroSky hopes to start selling its Mindset headset in the U.S. next spring for between $50 and $80 per unit.

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