Energy-Saving Light Bulbs: Good for Environment, Bad for Skin?

They may be good for the environment, but some energy-saving light bulbs may be damaging, a U.K. health agency has found.

The light bulbs in question have a visible coil and emit ultraviolet radiation that could turn the skin red if positioned too close to the body, new research has found.

People whose jobs involves close work with their hands under a light bulb, such as jewelers, could also be affected, the Health Protection Agency said.

People should not have a light bulb closer than 11 inches to the body for more than an hour a day or should switch to an encapsulated style of energy-saving light bulb, the agency said.

"We are not saying these could cause cancer," said the agency's CEO Justin McCracken. "This is precautionary advice and people should not be thinking of removing these energy-saving light bulbs from their homes."

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