Daniel Craig Admits to Facial Plastic Surgery

Even James Bond needs a nip and tuck every now and then.

Daniel Craig recently admitted he needed some plastic surgery on his face after an accident filming the latest James Bond movie, "Quantum of Solace." But he tells FOX News that his surgery was blown out of proportion in the press.

"Well a story is a story," Craig told FOX News recently.

The star, 40, severed his fingertip and had eight stitches on his face after being accidentally kicked by a "Solace" co-star.

"It's a stupid inconvenience because we had to stop filming," he told Elle magazine. "But they gave me an excellent plastic surgeon."

Craig hopes his portrayal has brought some depth to Ian Fleming's famous spy.

"I think James Bond has changed. He's not a shallow brute," Craig said. "I wanted some fallibility. It's no good if Bond is a cocktail-swigging sexist pig with no interior struggle. Bond is often p-----d off or upset, and I wanted to bring that out."

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FOX News' Neil Sean and the Times of London contributed to this report.