Robbery by Blue Bunny, Gun-Toting Accomplice Backfires

A man dressed in a blue bunny costume and an accomplice toting a shotgun were arrested after a failed attempt to rob a currency exchange office in Sweden, The Local reported Thursday.

Bystander Dave Arthur was at the counter changing money at the office south of Stockholm when the attempted robbery took place.

“I was exchanging some money and saw a huge blue bunny standing there with a bucket,” he told The Local. “There were several kids standing around it pointing and laughing … I assumed it was there collecting money for some charity.”

Arthur quickly learned that was not the case.

“I walked around the corner and saw the bunny talking to a man in a crash helmet carrying a shotgun,” he told The Local.

The currency exchange employees were able to shut the security doors quickly enough that the robbery was thwarted and the bunny and his accomplice took off running.

They were arrested a short time later, and are being held on suspicion of attempted robbery, according to the south Stockholm police.

Police learned that the suspect dressed in the blue rabbit costume may have been involved with another crime earlier in the day, the Local reported.

“We also received a report about a stolen bunny suit,” Stockholm police spokesperson Björn Engström told local media.

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