Estranged Couple Split House in Divorce, Literally

An estranged Cambodian couple whose marriage fell apart decided to split their house – literally.

Forty-year-old Meuon Rima decided to circumvent his country’s expensive divorce court system by sawing down the middle of the stilted home he shared with his ex-wife Nhang, also 40, local media reported, according to Earth Times.

Rima, who sought to divorce his wife on the grounds that she did not care for him during a recent illness, drove his half of the house to his parents’ property, while Nhang continues to reside with the couple’s two teenage children in the half-house left perched on the couple’s property.

Local newspaper Koh Santepheap featured a front-page photo of Nhang’s half-house, perfectly sawed down the middle, precariously perched on stilts, Earth Times reported.

Under Cambodian law, a couple’s assets are divided equally when a husband and wife get divorced.

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