Drunken Man Makes Himself at Home — but Not at His Home

A Gaithersburg couple recently found a surprise in their bed — a drunken stranger.

Bob and Joanne Breiner returned home with their son Sept. 27 after dinner at a Chinese buffet. Bob Breiner went upstairs and found the man sound asleep in the couple's bed, his pants and shoes on the floor.

The Breiners called the police. When officers woke the man, he asked them what they were doing in his house.

Police say the man had been drinking and accidentally went to the wrong house. He lives eight miles away in Damascus.

The man apologized profusely and complimented the Breiners on their comfortable bed.

The Breiners' son had apparently left the door unlocked. The couple didn't press charges. Instead, they gave him some food to take home.