Woman Claims to Be Elvis Presley's Half Sister, Says He's Alive

A woman claiming to be Elvis Presley's half-sister says the music icon is indeed alive, and she successfully convinced a Memphis probate judge to reopen the estate of the late Vernon Presley, the King's father.

MyFOXMemphis.com reports Eliza A. Presley, who recently changed her name from Alice Elizabeth Tiffin, says she has DNA evidence to prove her claims — pointing to a envelope licked and mailed to her earlier this year that was allegedly licked by "Jessie Presley," an assumed name used by Elvis Presley.

The envelope implies "the King did not die in 1977," according to the Web site.

Eliza A. Presley claims to have additional DNA evidence to prove she is Elvis Presley's half-sister, but UPI reported Tuesday — a day before the judge made his decision — that Eliza A. Presley's mother denies she had an affair with Vernon Presley.

"There is no Presley connection," Florence Clark told UPI. "I would be rich if there was a Presley connection. Do you think I would walk away from that? Would any girl walk away from that if they had a child by Vernon or Elvis?"

The judge said his ruling was just to reopen the estate and did not confirm Eliza A. Presley's claims.

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