Paris Hilton Seeks Advice for 'Fake' Presidential Campaign From 'The West Wing's' Martin Sheen

Socialite Paris Hilton released a new video in her bid to become the next "fake" president, and this time solicited advice from actor Martin Sheen, who played the president on the television show "The West Wing."

The FunnyOrDie video starts with clips from a Hollywood-type party, before zeroing in on the kitchen, where Hilton and Sheen are sitting at the table. The clip is a follow-up to her August video where she got even with Republican presidential nominee John McCain for using her image in an ad mocking Barack Obama as an international celebrity.

"Sorry to drag you into the kitchen, but I need a quiet place to seek the advice of one of our greatest fake presidents," says Hilton, dressed in a strapless party dress and diamonds. "Running for fake president is a little daunting."

Sheen tells the star of MTV's "Paris Hilton's My New BFF" about his fake presidency on the previously hit NBC show "The West Wing," and alludes to the current state of affairs.

"I gotta tell ya Paris, being a fake president is a lot harder today than it was when I was a fake president," the actor declares, who is also a strong Democratic supporter. "My fake presidential administration started before the country took some hits. It was the go-go 90s, people invested in a Web site that sold dog food because a puppet told them to."

Hilton points out that "sound bites, not sound policy determines our country's course," nowadays.

"I plan to bring a fake balance approach to these real problems," says Hilton, before expressing her "FoPo" or foreign policy plans:

"If you are looking for victory in Iraq, haven't we already found it? Iraq has a democratic government that is asking for us to leave. It seems like we've done out job and we should bring out troops home."

Using Hilton slang, Sheens responds with "loves it" and prompts her for an economic plans.

"Ya know kid, I gotta tell ya, if I were you, I wouldn't worry about a thing, you're gonna make a great fake president," Sheen tells the hotel heiress.

Sheen's son Charlie also makes a brief cameo in the clip, vowing to make sure he fake votes for Hilton.

Hilton hints there are more videos to come.

"See you at the fake inauguration b------," Hilton says.

Click here to watch the video from FunnyOrDie.'s Michelle Maskaly contributed to this report.