Motorcyclist Killed in Mystery Freeway Shooting

Was the early morning death of a motorcyclist in California gang related? Or was he just an innocent biker caught up in a horrible act? That’s what investigators are trying to figure out.

Shots were reportedly fired about 2 a.m. Wednesday at a group riding motorcycles on a freeway near Glendale, according to a report by

But the unidentified biker was the only one to go down, his motorcycle veering off the road and crashing into nearby bushes. His body was discovered a few feet away, the TV station's Web site said.

Officers investigating the death believe it's possible that the man was targeted by a gang because of his association with the Mongols Motorcycle Club — a motorcycle gang founded in Montebello in the 1970s. But they’re not jumping to conclusions just yet.

His cause of death is also a mystery. Detectives are still not sure whether he died of a gunshot wound or if he was distracted by the shots and lost control of his bike, according to

Members who were riding with the victim are cooperating with authorities. No arrests have yet been made.

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