Jamie Lynn Spears' Baby's Dad Says He Wasn't Unfaithful

Jamie Lynn Spears' baby's father says he was never unfaithful to Britney's little sister.

As for his former friend Kelli Dawson, who claims to have been romantically involved with Casey Aldridge even after their daughter Maddie's birth, he tells OK! these allegations are "not the least bit" true.

Tabloid stories have alleged that 19-year-old Aldridge has also gotten Kelli pregnant. Casey told OK!, "That's news to me."

"That is just completely fabricated," adds Jamie Lynn. "He never had an intimate relationship with her, so how would that be possible? Around here, that particular girl is known to make up stories."

And then there's Whitney Seals, who supposedly dated Casey. Says Jamie Lynn, "What happened was that one of those girls did it, and in this small town when one of them does it, they're all like, 'Good idea.' They all jumped on the bandwagon."

Jamie Lynn formerly starred on "Zoey 101."

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