ACORN: Connecting the Dots

In the battleground state of Ohio we have a news story Wednesday from The Cleveland Plain Dealer reporting that the head of the ACORN — the Association of Community Organization for Reform Now — told election officials it cannot keep fraud out of its voter registration operation.

OK — so ACORN admits to fraudulent registration of voters.

Now, let's connect some dots.

We have battleground states where Barack Obama is recently leading in the polls, including Ohio, Florida, Nevada, Indiana, Virginia and Wisconsin and one — Missouri — where McCain is up.

And we have a map of states where there are active voter fraud investigations of ACORN.

Notice how the battleground states where Obama is suddenly ahead are the same ones where voter fraud has become so blatant officials are finally noticing?

In Nevada, ACORN claimed to have registered "Tony Romo" and "Terrell Owens" of the Dallas Cowboys and the FBI raided ACORN's Nevada offices Tuesday looking for evidence of fraud.

In Indiana, officials had to throw out 11,000 registrations suspected as fraudulent.

In Wisconsin, ACORN was illegally employing felons to register voters.

In Florida, ACORN has turned in voter registrations duplicates — multiple copies of the same form.

In one Missouri county, our Eric Shawn reported they found a 12 year old registered and 10 registrations for the same name — in all, 800 phonies from ACORN.

And of course that brings us back to Ohio, where ACORN and other Democrats tried to steal the election last week with seven days of instant registration and early voting. They rounded up the homeless, but fell short of the number of voters they targeted.

So the people of Ohio might have stopped that particular theft — good news there.

Look, ACORN is trying to steal the lection for Obama. So what? Well, remember, Obama used to be an ACORN trainer and an ACORN lawyer.

Now Obama either has to denounce ACORN or journalists have to do their job.

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