Woman Pulled From Burning Car Seconds Before Explosion

An Indiana woman is in critical condition after police pulled her from her burning car just seconds before the vehicle exploded, WTHR.com reported Tuesday.

Flames and smoke poured from 27-year-old Sherica Lovett’s car last month after she crashed into a semi-truck, and became trapped in the driver’s seat.

"I could hear a female calling, 'Help me! Help me!' I saw the shadow of her arm through the smoke," Madeline Lothamer, an officer with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department told WTHR.com. "I believe she was in a state of shock. I truly believe she was unconscious."

Cameras inside the police cruisers of Lothamer and four other IMPD officers recorded the heroic rescue as they broke the window and pulled Lovett from the burning vehicle 90 seconds before it exploded.

"The goal was just to get her out quickly by whatever means it took," Lothamer said.

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