U.K. Chef Murders Gay Lover, Marinates Flesh

A former Mr. Gay UK reportedly slit his lovers' throat and marinated his chopped flesh after having a sexual encounter with him, the U.K's Daily Mail said Tuesday.

And while the victim, Damien Oldfield, probably didn't mean it literally when he said, “Try me … I’m not your average poof,” Anthony Morley, 35, nevertheless chewed a piece of Oldfield's seasoned flesh before disposing of it in the kitchen trash, the Mail said.

According to the Mail, a bloody and drunk Morley walked into a nearby take-out restaurant shortly after the attack claiming, “I have killed someone, call the police.”

When police responded to the scene, they reportedly found Oldfield's naked body on Morley's bedroom floor. He had been attacked from behind, stabbed 20 times and had his throat cut, the Mail reported.

After Oldfield died, Morley, a professional chef, cut pieces of flesh from his victim’s thigh and cooked them in herbs.

Morley later told officials that Oldfield tried raping him, the Mail said.

“I know what I have done is wrong,” he told police, but “at least he won't be able to do it again,” referring to the alleged rape attack.

Morley reportedly claimed the act was not murder. The case is ongoing.

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