Teen Wakes to Find Snake Wrapped Around Neck, Biting Her Arm

A teenage girl in Australia awoke when a snake slithered into her bed, wrapped itself around her neck and bit her on the arm.

Ashlee Findlay, 16, who is afraid of snakes, spiders and centipedes, spent two hours at a hospital after the attack, the Northern Territory News reported Tuesday.

The receptionist said she would be haunted by the incident. "Everyone was a bit freaked," she said.

Findlay woke up in her Howard Springs home early on Thursday morning when the snake bit her.

"I thought it was a huge spider or something. I hate spiders. But a few seconds later, I felt something moving past my neck,'' she said. "I turned on my light to see this huge slithering snake on my pillow.''

Findlay said she had been asleep since early in the evening and feared the snake could have been in her room the whole time."

I started screaming and woke everyone. They didn't believe me and told me to go back to bed,'' she said. "I was in shock more than anything else''.

Brother-in-law Shane Cordes tracked down the snake and whacked it on the head with part of a door frame, almost decapitating the creature.

Ashlee's mother, Kim Findlay, a remote area nurse, started treating the bite before driving her daughter and the snake to Royal Darwin Hospital.

"I knew they needed to identify the snake, but I didn't want to touch it,'' she said. "I gave the doctor my car keys and said, β€˜It's in the boot, you can get it.’”

Professor Bart Currie was called out to the hospital and identified the attacker as a slaty-grey snake, which is not venomous.

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