Indiana Salvage Yard Worker Fatally Crushed by 1,200-Pound SUV

A Muncie auto salvage yard worker was killed when a sport-utility vehicle fell from a winch, crushing him underneath.

The Delaware County coroner says 30-year-old Michael L. "Tiny" Bodenhofer probably died instantly when the SUV fell Monday.

Coroner James Clevenger calls the death "a very unfortunate accident."

Clevenger says Bodenhofer had used a flatbed wrecker and a winch cable to lift the 1,200-pound SUV by the bumper, so he could climb beneath it and remove some parts.

The coroner says the bumper gave way, dropping the vehicle on Bodenhofer's chest.

Co-workers at Northwest Auto and Truck parts found his body about 10 a.m., but Clevenger says the accident occurred earlier in the morning.