Girl, 5, With Half a Brain Continues to Thrive, Amaze

Just like lots of children her age, 5-year-old Keeley Green is bright and mischievous, loves music and playing tricks.

But unlike others, she has only half a brain. Keeley was forced to have surgery to remove the left side of her brain when she was just 16 months old, the victim of a rare neurological condition that was causing uncontrollable seizures.

But her parents, Amanda and Daniel Green, of Bundaberg, Australia, have seen their baby emerge from those dark days when her life hung in the balance to become a little girl who is winning small battles in her quest for a normal life.

"She has so much to offer this world," Amanda Green, 26, said."Such important lessons to teach other people. She fights when there's no fight left in anyone else. We have no expectations ... She will achieve whatever she can achieve ... but we do have dreams for her, because if you don't have dreams you have nothing."

At two weeks of age, tests revealed Keeley had a rare neurological condition called hemimegalencephaly, which was causing the left hemisphere of her brain to grossly malform and overgrow. Doctors removed half of her brain during a 17-hour operation that left her paralyzed on the right side of her body and took away many of her motor control and speech skills.

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But today she is able to stand with the help of a walker and attend school two hours a day. She has amazed doctors and her parents by learning to communicate with her own version of sign language, saying some small words and moving laminated letters and pictures.

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