7 Teens Accused of $100,000 Crime Spree

Seven boys are accused of break-ins resulting in more than $100,000 in theft and vandalism, according to Allen Parish sheriff's deputies.

Chief Deputy Willis Grant said deputies are looking for at least three more juveniles.

Grant said deputies arrested a 13-year-old, three 15-year-olds and three 16-year-olds last week. Two 16-year-olds are in custody, and the others were released to their parents.

The thieves stole laptop computers and smashed teachers' desktop computers at Oakdale High School, doing at least $50,000 in damage, according to Grant.

At businesses, the thieves broke windows to get in, and then stole cigarettes and beer. Grant said replacing one plate-glass window will cost $15,000. All the break-ins occurred since mid-September, including some after Hurricane Gustav knocked out power, he said.