Seven Signs It's Monday (again)

Let's face it, Mondays are brutal. They almost always sneak up on you. After a relaxing weekend away from work, it just feels wrong to be back on Monday morning…almost unnatural, really. And whether you love or hate your job, you're bound to experience one of the scenarios below at the start of each week. Here are some tried and true solutions for getting through a bad case of the Mondays:

Sign #1: You tell yourself Sunday night that you'll get to work extra early in the morning to get a head start on the week's projects. Now it's Monday morning and you've hit snooze so many times that you end up frantically tearing through your closest only to find…you have absolutely nothing to wear.

Solution #1: Don't stress! iMag's fashion guru Noelle Watters recommends setting aside outfits in your closet for those mornings when you wake up frazzled and need something you know you'll feel good in. Wearing that "go to" outfit will also help get you into work on time (for once.) It's a great way to start off your week. Click here to watch Noelle's work wardrobe makeover video.

Sign #2: You get to the office and are bombarded with endless amounts of work and emails, not to mention that project you thought you could finish "first thing Monday morning."

Solution #2: Just go home. See ya Tuesday, boss. We're kidding, but wouldn't that be awesome? Instead of bolting towards the nearest exit, take a deep breath. If you find yourself in a state of shock (that's right, it's no longer the weekend) take a minute to collect your thoughts and write out a to-do list. It'll feel good to cross things off as the day goes by. Return important emails right away, and always get a large coffee on your way into the office.

Sign #3: You promised yourself that you'd catch up on your sleep this weekend, shockingly that didn't happen.

Solution #3: Force yourself to get a good night's sleep Monday night. Remember, the week has only just begun…

Sign #4: You skip going to the gym because, come on, it's Monday! And besides, you have the rest of the week to go…

Solution #4: It will feel painful at first, but you'll start the week off right by just going to the gym. Even if you cut your workout in half, you'll feel good about the fact that you went. If you are too bogged down with your Monday workload to get on the treadmill, click here to find out how you can work out at your desk.

Sign #5: You linger at your local Starbucks prior to work, listening to the relaxed café music and wishing you could switch jobs with the barista making your caffeine fix.

Solution #5: Chances are working at Starbucks is more stressful than your cushy job. Imagine having to take orders like a "double skim skinny vanilla triple shot on ice" from your disgruntled office mates. So, buy the Starbucks CD to create the coffee shop vibe at your desk and get to work!

Sign #6: The only thing keeping you from crying is the thought of Monday night primetime TV.

Solution #6: Rest assured that your DVR is all ready to go. Soon enough you'll be on your couch watching all your guilty pleasures. What ever will happen tonight with Serena and Dan? What's that Stephanie Pratt up to now? And how will Cloris Leachman fare on Dancing with the Stars? Stay tuned!

Sign #7: You blame everything on the fact that it's Monday.

Solution #7: It's time to break away from despising Mondays. Deep down you're sick of telling people in a defeated tone, "My weekend was great, but it just flew by…" Sadly, saying that won't change the fact that Mondays are here to stay. These tips will help you get through the day with a new routine and you might even learn to appreciate early meetings on Mondays...actually, who are we kidding? There's no solution or remedy for those, but for more career advice click here.

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