Unarmed Coffee Shop Waitress Nabs Fleeing Bank Robbery Suspect

An unarmed coffee shop waitress in Hillborough County, Fla., tackled and subdued an alleged armed robber after he hit the Valrico State Bank on Friday, Bay News 9 reported.

The Da Silva’s Coffee Shop employee had been trained in Germany as a police officer, but she was only half the size of the suspect she took down.

Local police said suspect Jeffrey Merritt, 44, ran past Da Silva’s on the way to his getaway car after robbing the bank.

The waitress — the Tampa Tribune reports she wished to remain unidentified — reportedly saw Merritt running with something and looking behind him. She chased him down, yelling, “Freeze or I’m going to shoot” and then tackled him.

She did not have a gun, but the bluff worked, and the suspect surrendered.

"I knew she was a trained officer, but I didn't know what that really meant," Karen Raga, a co-worker, told The Tampa Tribune.

Bystanders then helped the waitress sit on Merritt until police arrived.

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