Two Jurors Wish They Could Take Back ‘Joe Cool’ Verdict

A jury has convicted a man of four lesser charges in the hijacking and slayings of four people last year aboard a Miami charter boat. A mistrial was declared on 12 other charges, which included kidnapping and murder.

Jurors reached their verdict late Thursday against Guillermo Zarabozo. They spent three days deliberating after a weeklong trial. Zarabozo was found guilty on four charges of causing death through use of a firearm.

Prosecutors say they will meet and decide whether to retry the case on the other 12 charges.

Prosecutors said Zarabozo and 36-year-old Kirby Archer booked the "Joe Cool" for a phony trip to the Bahamas but intended to hijack it to Cuba. The boat's captain, his wife and two crew members were killed and dumped into the ocean.