Sen. Kit Bond on VP Debate Performances

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ALAN COLMES, CO-HOST: I appreciate it very much. Joining us now, Missouri Senator Kitt Bond.

Thanks for meeting with us in your state, Sir.

SEN. KIT BOND, (R), MISSOURI: Thank you very much.

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COLMES: Good to have you here.

BOND: The state that is the heartland of the nation.

COLMES: Absolutely beautiful here.

BOND: And the ultimate lead dog for the country because we've only missed one time, in about 120 years, in selecting the winner. And I think that Sarah Palin did an awful lot tonight to make sure that Missouri is in the McCain/Palin ticket.

COLMES: Let me go to what Howard Wolfson said, because I believe that Joe Biden was more specific. He was not doing talking points. I thought he had very specific answers to questions. He had a very strong command, particularly on foreign policy. It seems like she was doing book learning and often doing it by rote. And that he has a very real command of issues.

BOND: I think that you and Howard better get on the text and start paging a little bit.


Because I -

COLMES: You don't see it that way? I'm guessing you don't see it that way?

BOND: First, Joe Biden did not make the usual gaffs, because I have told everybody Joe's a delightful fellow, a wonderful speaker. He has been around -

COLMES: And he was disciplined tonight, wasn't he?

BOND: He didn't make the - usually he's normally a barrel of gaffes and he did not make any. I thought that his performance was better than I expected. But Sarah Palin was just plain Sarah Palin . That's why people liked her so much. She was not getting so many of the gotcha questions from the hostile media.

SEAN HANNITY, CO-HOST: Well, sliced up by the media, too.

But you know, what was amazing about this is Joe Biden being put in the position, he had criticized him on Pakistan, criticized him on meeting rogue dictators, criticized him on a series of issues and then now he is put in the position to defend the very criticisms that he had against Barack Obama. Who wants to be in that position?

BOND: Well, Joe kind of fudged on some of the facts, too. He said that John McCain voted to cut off funding for the troops.

HANNITY: Not true.

BOND: And that is just absolutely wrong.


HANNITY: Excuse me, he voted against the timetable.

BOND: The timetable.


BOND: And he tried to claim that the timetable worked because now, as the troops are making progress, and the Iraqi troops are taking over, it is time for al-Maliki and Bush, relaying on their commanders, to decide on when you can draw down. But Barack Obama has been pushing for an unrealistic 16-month timetable for withdrawal, which means pulling out, throwing out the white flag.

HANNITY: Wave the white flag of surrender. His policies are naive, and only naive but dangerous.

BOND: Dangerous.

COLMES: I like that, where have I heard that?

HANNITY: You heard that earlier tonight.

COLMES: Oh, that's right.

BOND: That's why I liked it so much.

HANNITY: I also thought that finally brought - I've been saying this, somebody -she brought it up tonight. He said about our troops, which is unforgivable, that the y are air raiding villages and killing civilians. I just got into this with the congresswoman. That is unforgivable, Senator Obama. And he ought to apologize. And he ought to be called by the media to apologize for that.

BOND: My son spent two tours in Iraq as a Marine and I tell you what, when the Democrats criticize our troops, the finest young men and women in the world.

HANNITY: And after he voted to cut off funding. Senator, good to see you.

BOND: Great to see you. Thank you very much. We'll keep watching you.

COLMES: Thanks, Senator.

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