The surviving members of a British robbery gang whose crime spree only ended when their mastermind was shot dead by police, were convicted in court today. The Times's Crime Editor chronicles a day of violence graphically illustrated by a dramatic picture.

This was the moment when one of Britain's most prolific armed robbers staged his last security van hold-up.

Outside a HSBC bank in the Hampshire town of Chandlers Ford, Mark Nunes ran towards a G4S cash van, a Beretta 9mm pistol in his outstretched hand pointed directly at Michael Player, the guard.

"Gimme the f***ing money and open the van," Nunes, who was wearing a balaclava, shouted as he pushed the gun into Player's face.

As Player moved to put the cash box on the ground, Nunes struck him on the wrist with the pistol butt. The blow hit his metal watchstrap but still drew blood.

"All I could see was the gun. My eyes were fixed on it," Player told The Times. "I was remembering my training – make no eye contact, put the box down."

At that instant a police sniper fired a single shot, and Nunes fell backwards. He was dead.

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