Obama Launches iPhone Application to Help Recruiting Efforts

Barack Obama's campaign is reaching out to iPhone users through a new application that will make it easier for them to call their friends in battleground states and encourage them to vote for the Democratic presidential candidate.

The application's "Call Friends" function organizes the user's personal phonebook by swing state, such as Virginia or Colorado.

It gives each contact a status, telling the caller whom he or she has dialed.

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The campaign launched the application Thursday. It said no contact information will be stored as a result of using the feature.

"Only the total number of calls you make is uploaded anonymously," says the feature's description.

People can compare their number of calls with others who are contacting their friends.

By touching the phone's screen, users also can find out Obama's position on issues such as education, foreign policy and defense.

They can watch videos, donate money, receive updates and check out local events.

Republican John McCain's campaign did not immediately respond to a telephone call and e-mail request seeking information about whether his campaign also had similar outreach efforts.