Lab Technician Suffers Severe Injuries After 18-Pound Monkey Mauls Hand

A University of Pittsburgh laboratory technician spent several days in the hospital after an 18-pound macaque monkey mauled her hand last week, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported Friday.

Patricia Boyle, who suffered bone, tendon and nerve damage to her hand, is still awaiting test results to see if she has contracted hepatitis B from the monkey.

“I’m afraid I’ll never be able to work in this field again because of my hand,” Boyle, 51, of Avalon, Pa., told the newspaper. “I did a lot of microsurgery (in previous jobs) and don’t know anything else but this. This is my life.”

The monkey, whose name is Grabby, was being used by scientists researching a tuberculosis vaccine.

Boyle underwent three surgeries to treat infections in her hand. She said she has no feeling in her index and middle fingers and has been told by doctors the nerve damage is irreparable.

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