Documentary to Show 'Tree Man' Free of Warts, Bark-Like Growths

The world's infamous "Tree Man" is well on the road to recovery, after amazing footage has revealed most of his gnarled warts have disappeared.

Dede, the softly-spoken Indonesian, has lost his hideous bark-like growths, thanks to treatment by American dermatologist, Dr. Anthony Gaspari.

Click here to see photos of the transformation.

The expert found Dede suffered from the human papiloma virus (HPV), a sexually transmitted disease that is the main cause of cervical cancer in women.

Due to a low immune deficiency, the virus flourished to a massive, debilitating infection all over Dede's body.

Over nine months, Gaspari gave Dede chemotherapy and performed surgery to remove 13 pounds of branch-like warts from his body including his hands and feet. The branches were debilitating for Dede who was unable to work or support his family.

Now Dede is transformed.

"In the past I couldn't even put on my own shirt," he said. "Now I can do it myself. It's wonderful."

A documentary titled, Treeman The Cure, will air Oct. 2 on the UK's Discovery Channel. Click here to see footage from the documentary.