Surgeons Save Man Speared Through Neck With 3-Foot Screw

Surgeons miraculously saved the life of construction worker who was speared through the neck by a 3-foot metal screw that fell from a bridge, the Daily Mail reported.

Luo Chengchun was rushed to Yunnan First People's Hospital in Kunming, China after the accident where surgeons managed to remove the rusty screw from his throat without causing further damage.

He is expected to make a full recovery.

Late last week, a teen impaled himself on deer antlers while climbing through a window at his grandmother's home. The antlers went through his back and narrowly missed his spine. He also is expected to recover from the incident.

Click here to see photos of surgeons removing the screw from Luo Chengchun's neck at the Daily Mail. (Warning: Graphic)