Stop, (Ketchup) Thief! California School Board Trustee Suspected of Kidnapping Condiments

A school board trustee known for his dark glasses, knit cap and rants at meetings is now suspected of condiment kidnapping.

Steve Rocco was cited for petty theft on Saturday after he put a ketchup bottle under his clothing and left the school's cafeteria, a Chapman University spokeswoman said.

Rocco must appear in court, and if charges are filed he could face 45 days in jail.

In 2005, the board reprimanded Rocco and told him to limit his remarks to school issues after he rambled about credit unions and his father's death. He sued the district for violating his right to free speech, but the case was dismissed.

Rocco's school board tenure will be over in November because of redistricting. He is running for the Santa Ana City Council.