Heads Up, Ohio. Someone Is Trying to Steal Your Election

To the people of the great state of Ohio: Heads up — someone is trying to steal your election.

Somebody has figured out that no Republican has ever gone on to the White House without winning Ohio.

Somebody has figured out that Ohio played a pivotal role in the last two elections.

Somebody doesn't want John McCain going to the White House through Ohio.

So some Democrat figured the best way to stop him was to start voting a month early.

They started yesterday. Anybody can show up, register instantly and vote immediately.

Sound fishy?

Well, here's what The Associated Press said that gives us a clue as to who is behind this:

"Obama's campaign is using its financial and organizational muscle to boost turnout among his core supporters... blacks and youth. His campaign long planned for this early voter period and organized car pools from college campuses to early voting sites across the state."

Hey Ohio, get it now? Democratic Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner cooked up a plan to allow new voters to register and cast an absentee ballot of the same day from yesterday until next week, October 6.

The Republican Party went to court and said hey, the law says absentee voters must be registered 30 days in advance.

But a state supreme court judge and two federal appellate judges have evidently given the Democratic secretary of state a pass, and said it's OK — though she's supposed to separate these early ballots from everybody else and check to see if their are in fact legal voters before they are counted in a month.

To the people of the great state of Ohio, let me repeat: No Republican has gone to the White House without Ohio. Obama has problems in Ohio. He can't quite break out. Somebody thinks this is the way to nudge him over the finish line.

Never mind what the judges say. Would it be fair for Ohio voters to think someone is trying to steal their election?

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