Muslim Man Sues British Store for Making Him Carry Alcohol

A Muslim man is suing a British supermarket for religious discrimination after the store allegedly made him carry alcohol despite the fact that doing so is against his religion, the U.K.'s Daily Mail reported Monday.

Mohammed Ahmed, 32, told an employment tribunal that he was forced to leave his job after eight months because handling alcoholic beverages violates his Islamic beliefs and that he was “victimized” when he asked the Tesco grocery store for a different job, the paper reported.

Ahmed said he was told to “do the job or go home,” by a supervisor when he asked for different work, and claimed that he did not know the job involved handling beer, wine and spirits when he started last September.

He also told the tribunal that a manager was “aggressive,” and he was “victimized and harassed” after he filed a grievance with the supermarket chain in February.

A lawyer for Tesco told the tribunal that it was unrealistic for Ahmed to say he didn’t know his job would involve handling alcohol. “He was advised at the outset what the job would entail. At no stage did he raise the fact he could not handle alcohol,” lawyer Laura Canham said. “It would be reasonable to expect him to be aware of what Tesco did.”

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