Credit Crunch Banker Leaps to His Death as Crisis Spreads

A London financier haunted by the credit crunch apparently killed himself Saturday night as the U.S. financial crisis spreads to overseas markets.

Kirk Stephenson, a respected 47-year-old millionaire investor from New Zealand, was killed by an express train moving at 100 mph at a railway station southeast England,the U.K.’s Daily Mail reported. Stephenson had breakfast with his wife, Karina Robinson, a financial writer, and eight-year-old son Lucas, before killing himself according to

Stephenson’s apparent suicide is widely attributed to the financial crisis that has spread contagiously from Wall Street to markets around the globe.

The apparent suicide comes as mortgage giant Bradford & Bingley was brought to its knees by plummeting share prices and the Conservatives threatened to police the British treasury if the opposition party wins the next election, according to the Daily Mail.

Stephenson, who owned a $6.62-million five-story house in London and a countryside retreat, was chief operating officer of investment firm Olivant Advisers. Last year, the firm lost a bid for a 15-per-cent stake worth almost $2 billion in British bank Northern Rock, which was scooped by the government instead of being sold piecemeal to Olivant or Virgin chief Sir Richard Branson, according to the Daily Mail.

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