Wife Laces Husband's Food With Glass as Revenge for His Drinking Problem

An Australian woman laced her husband's sandwiches with crushed glass to hurt him and force him to address his drinking problem, a court has heard.

Lynette Margaret Quessy, of Sandy Bay in west Hobart, admitted putting fragments of smashed light bulbs in her husband's packed lunch five or six times in October and November last year.

Her husband first noticed glass in a roll when he bit into it and chipped a filling on his tooth.

A week later he noticed what looked like rock salt on some biscuits.

The Supreme Court in Hobart heard he realized it was glass and again found glass in his sandwich the next day.

He started keeping his lunches in a freezer in his garage and eventually went to the police after discovering a container of crushed glass in the pantry.

Quessy, 50, told police she wanted to hurt her husband as much as he had hurt her.

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