Security Footage May Show Suspect With British Coed Before Murder

Italian television has broadcast grainy images from a security camera purporting to show Meredith Kercher, the British student murdered in Perugia nearly a year ago, arriving home shortly before the murder, followed by Rudy Guede, the African immigrant accused of taking part in the killing.

However defense lawyers said that the quality of the film, taken by a camera at the open-air car park overlooking the whitewashed hillside cottage where Kercher lived, was too poor to be used in evidence. The footage, broadcast by Italia Uno, one of the commercial channels owned by Silvio Berlusconi, the Prime Minister, shows a figure that may be Kercher entering the cottage.

It also shows a figure identified by the television channel as Rudy Guede in a quilted jacket similar to the one he was wearing when he was later arrested after fleeing to Germany. However lawyers for Guede said that the image was so indistinct that "it could be anyone.” Nicodemo Gentile, one of Guede's lawyers, said: "This video proves nothing, you can't see anything, just dots.”

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A second pre-trial hearing is to be held Friday in Perugia which all three suspects — Guede, Amanda Knox, Kercher's American flatmate, and Raffaele Sollecito, Knox's onetime Italian boyfriend — are expected to attend. At the first pre-trial hearing last week Sollecito failed to appear.

All three deny the prosecution allegation that they killed Kercher and sexually assaulted her in a drugs-fuelled sex game which "went wrong.”

At last week's hearing Knox adopted what Italian media called a "fresh-faced girl next door" look in an apparent attempt to convey her innocence and counteract the widespread image of her as a "killer with an angel face.” The hearing was attended by Kercher's parents and sister, but Knox did not look at them. Her lawyers said that she had sung Beatles songs under her breath at times "to ease the tension.”

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