Rings Stolen From Dead Woman's Hand

The family of an 89-year-old woman says that they won’t be able to bury her with her wedding rings because they were stolen from her body at the hospital where she died, according to a report from FOX25 in Boston.

Marla Seelye said that when her mother, Evelyn DeFlavis, passed away at the Caritas Good Samaritan Medical Center in Brockton, Mass., she was wearing her wedding rings.

“My husband had told me to take the rings from her hands, but she had atrophied and her hands were closed in fists. I didn’t want to disturb them, so I said who is going to take them? Who would do such a thing?” Seelye said.

By the time the funeral director arrived at the morgue to pick up her mother’s body, Seelye said the rings were gone, the station reported. “[The funeral director] called us from his cell phone and said that he had a guard with him at the time and that my mom did not have any rings on her fingers and that her fingers had been straightened,” she said.

Brockton Police are investigating the matter and the hospital issued a response.

“This is matter we take very seriously. We continue to update the family on a frequent basis and we will continue to work with authorities and the family to find a resolution,” Caritas Good Samaritan Medical Center said in a statement, according to FOX25.

If the rings are found, Seelye wants her mother exhumed so that they can be put back on her finger.

“They had a love like Romeo and Juliet and it meant a lot. She never lost them, always wore them, for 58 years. On her last day of life someone took them, and it’s sad,” she said.

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