Google Pledges $10 Million to Fund Good Ideas

Google's motto has always been "Don't be evil." Now it's willing to pay $10 million to prove it.

On Wednesday the Internet search giant unveiled an altruistic scheme called Project 10100, pronounced "ten to the one hundredth," which invites anyone and everyone to submit ideas that can "change the world by helping as many people as possible."

As one example, the company, currently valued at about $140 billion, cites the Hippo Roller, a plastic water container that poor people in Third World countries can roll along the ground instead of carrying.

The deadline for submissions is Oct. 20th. Google will then pick the 100 best ideas.

Online voters will select the top 20, and in January judges will winnow them down to a maximum number of five that split a pot of $10 million that Google will grant for research and development.

Submissions can be entered here. Anyone can post multiple entries.

Oh, and why 10100? As any math geek knows, that's a googol, or 10 multiplied by itself 100 times — and the inspiration for Google's name.

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