Car-respondence - Mustang Bullitt

Birthday Bullitt

I bought my husband a 2008 Bullitt for his birthday. We absolutely LOVE it. It is great fun to drive and is comfortable, as long as you don't try to put adults in the back seat. My only gripe at all is that the ball on the shifter becomes VERY HOT, very quickly in the hot sun of Texas. Awesome car and the best birthday gift I have ever given! I even keep thinking I should buy one for myself!

Rhonda Spitler

To Infiniti and Beyond

I loved the early pony cars, but their braking and handling were crude by today’s standard. For nearly $35,000, I expect BMW fit and finish, Porsche handling, and Japanese reliability. The Infiniti G37 for example, would smoke the Bullitt in every performance category and do it luxuriously for not much more money.

Owen McCaffrey

Green With Envy

I have always said that if Ford made a Mustang in Bullitt green I would be screwed. Now they have a Bullitt edition I am really screwed. Looks like the Escalade is going to the Ford lot.

Lieutenant Robert Mizel

Missing the Target

Real smart of Ford, with gas at $4.00 per gallon and the best they can do is a 4.6 liter souped-up V8. No wonder American made cars keep loosing market share. Great vision!!!

Carlos Muina

Painted Pony

I especially liked the picture of Rick Leventhal’s Mustang. Rumor has it Ford was going to re-make a Special Edition Leventhal Mustang but couldn’t get PPG to match the cracked and peeling paint on the front bumper. Glad to see someone has a sense of humor. Wouldn’t see that on!

Paul McIlvaine

When Men Were Men


Steve McQueen, is a REAL Man!!!!

Lisa Beaumont

FCR: Is that another dig at Rick?

He Loves it Two Times

I love it! The green color and great exhaust noise makes the car a very desirable ride. I had a red & white Mustang and always wanted a green Bullet. I'm 68 years old and this car still gets my blood churning. I love it!

Bill Moyer

FCR: Wait, you’re 68 and the movie came out in 68? Now that’s cool. Meaningless, but cool.