Bette Midler to End Tour to Save the Planet

Bette Midler will quit touring to help save the planet, the singer told Sky News.

The 62-year-old said she feels that the fleet of 14 trucks she uses to ship her show from city to city causes too much pollution. So instead she's decided to do a series of shows in Las Vegas instead for $13 million.

"Over the years, the number of trucks that I have behind me has grown exponentially and I don't really like that, I don't like wasting the gas," Midler told Sky News' Matt Smith. "Fourteen trucks, that's a lot of gas. So I decided I'd stay put for a while"

Surely moving equipment in trucks is unavoidable for a touring show, I ask her?

In the past, Midler has provided an impressive list of her green credentials that would put most celebrities to shame.

"I don't drive much, I have a Smart car, I have a hybrid, I drive a [Toyota] Prius," she said.

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