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ALEC BALDWIN, ACTOR: You don't have the brains or the decency as a human being. I don't give a damn that you're 12 years old or 11 years old or that you're a child or that your mother was a thoughtless pain in the ass who doesn't care about what you do, as far as I'm concerned. You have humiliated me for the last time with this phone. And when I come out there next week, I'm going to fly out there for the day just to straighten you out on this issue.


SEAN HANNITY: That was only a portion of the tape that made a private custody battle between father of the year, Alec Baldwin, and Kim Basinger, very public. Father of the year Baldwin spent the last year trying to recover from that angry voicemail that he sent his then-11-year-old daughter, Ireland.

Now, meanwhile, this isn't the only time Baldwin's anger has made headlines. You might remember how unhappy he was when I called into a radio show that he was guest hosting. Listen to this.


BALDWIN: With a no-talent former construction worker hack like you.

HANNITY: Construction worker. Are you the guy that said that our vice president, while we're at war, while we're leading troops in harm's way — are you the reckless, third-rate Hollywood actor that said that Dick Cheney is a terrorist? Are you the guy?

BALDWIN: Yes, I am.

HANNITY: Are you the guy that said stone Henry Hyde to death? Are you the guy that said our president is a CIA mass murderer?


HANNITY: And now, in a new book by the father of the year, entitled "The Promise to Ourselves," Baldwin explains what he learned from the process of divorce and custody and tries to offer practical guidance and help to others to avoid the anguish that poor Alec has endured.

Joining us now is nationally-syndicated radio talk show host, out of the big one, WLW — he's a great American — Bill Cunningham.

Bill Cunningham, we need a full report on the father of the year.

BILL CUNNINGHAM, RADIO TALK SHOW HOST: Well, Sean, it's always a pleasure to be with you. I would assume the foreword is written by Senator John Edwards, another great Democrat, father of the year candidate.

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HANNITY: And probably forward No. 2 by Bill Clinton. All right. Go ahead. I can't stop myself. Go ahead.

CUNNINGHAM: Sean, the other thing, I went on the Web tonight, and I saw all these press releases issued by children's protective services and women's groups, who are boycotting and marching out in front of a bookstore tonight where Alan Colmes' good friend, Alec Baldwin, is signing these books.

The guy has admitted being mentally ill. He's threatened suicide. This guy calls his daughter a thoughtless pig, and then he wants to give you advice, Sean Hannity, on how to be a good dad.

HANNITY: Well, I find this amazing. You know — and look, I just find it stunning that he thinks he's qualified, after that conversation. He needs therapy. You know, and by the way, no wonder Kim Basinger wants nothing to do with this — this maniac.

CUNNINGHAM: You know, Sean, Alan's good friend, Alec Baldwin, you're blessed by your enemies because you got — you're on the same side of the fence with Kim Basinger. He's blaming his ex-wife, Kim Basinger, for the releasing of the tape that he voluntarily made on tape.

HANNITY: Bill Cunningham...

CUNNINGHAM: And now he's blaming Sean Hannity for his problems that his insanity has caused.

HANNITY: I've been attacked by him, five times by Barack Obama...


HANNITY: ... by Jeremiah Wright, by Father Pfleger, by Bill Ayers himself.

CUNNINGHAM: Alan Colmes.

HANNITY: I've got the right enemies.

CUNNINGHAM: Alan Colmes.

COLMES: Let me give you a blanket and a pillow.

HANNITY: Good, you need it. Sit on it.

CUNNINGHAM: Alan, are you going to defend your Democratic friends here? Michael Moore? You're going to defend Alec — you're going to defend all these guys?

COLMES: Let me ask you a question, Bill? Why are you yelling?

HANNITY: He's not yelling.


CUNNINGHAM: I'm yelling because I'm passionate about being a good dad and a good husband, and this guy is neither.

COLMES: Well, first of all, you don't know about that. He had a moment on tape that somehow got leaked. We're not — do you think you're in a position to judge anybody else's family?


COLMES: You are?

CUNNINGHAM: I judge someone based upon their behavior and...

COLMES: Based on a moment in time when he lost his temper and apologized for?

CUNNINGHAM: Can you imagine, Alan Colmes, a loving father calling his own daughter — daughter a thoughtless pig? Do you defend that?

COLMES: I think the larger context here — I'm not defending what he did. But I think the issue — and he talks about this in his book — is that he was angry, for which he's apologized.


COLMES: I'm not defending him, except he's angry at the system. He's angry at the idea that a parent can inflame a child again to another parent. He's angry at a system that often favors mothers over fathers in custody situations.

And unfortunately, he had a moment that somehow got leaked, not by him, for which he has apologized. I mean, what do you want out of the guy at this point?

CUNNINGHAM: What I want him to do is quit writing stupid books that no one's going to buy, like Nancy Pelosi.

COLMES: Don't read it. Don't read it.

CUNNINGHAM: What I want him to — I want you, Alan Colmes, to say now to the American people you dissociate yourself from people like John Edwards, people like Nancy Pelosi, and people like Alec Baldwin. Are you proud of them as liberals, Alan Colmes?

COLMES: Would you please write out for me what I should say so I'll know what to do?

CUNNINGHAM: Yes, I'll tell you right now. Say you're sorry for expressing those comments. Yes, I will.

COLMES: First of all, Alec Baldwin has apologized. He's apologized to his daughter. He's healed his relationship with his daughter. That's a family issue.

I love how you get all upset when liberals even mention Sarah Palin's family or the family of any conservative, but you want to attack this man and his family and the healing that he wants to have take place.

CUNNINGHAM: Alan, you should be ashamed to mention the name Palin and Baldwin in the same sentence. There is no connection between those two great families. A loving mother.

COLMES: Yes, they're both human beings who deserve respect, as do their families, regardless of the side of the political plate they're on.

CUNNINGHAM: How much respect did Alec Baldwin give Sean Hannity? Sean Hannity is your brother, Alan Colmes. Why don't you defend him?

COLMES: I think it was a pretty good back and forth fight. They both, I think, showed wonderful respect for each other.

We're going to take a quick break. We continue our conversation with the calm and placid Bill Cunningham right after this break. More to come on "Hannity & Colmes." Stay with us.


COLMES: Bill Cunningham, I love how you, you know, go after families like Alec Baldwin's family. You claim to represent the family values party. Is that a little bit of a disconnect there, Mr. Cunningham?

CUNNINGHAM: Alan Colmes, I would say a man is known by his deeds. It's not Bill Cunningham attacking Baldwin; it's Baldwin attacking Baldwin. And Alan, you can't believe some of the stuff you say.

COLMES: Oh, I do.

CUNNINGHAM: You can't believe those things.

COLMES: Why not?

CUNNINGHAM: You can't believe this.

COLMES: Why don't I believe that I say?

CUNNINGHAM: Because I know you. You're personable. You have a heart, not much of a head.

COLMES: What? What?

CUNNINGHAM: But I'll tell you what. You can't believe some of this stuff.

HANNITY: Bill Cunningham, great American, Sean Hannity here. I've got a question. You have come under fire nationally because you stated Barack Obama's full name.


HANNITY: You were thinking of not supporting the McCain ticket. Where do you stand now, my friend?

CUNNINGHAM: Well, I think the good Lord said, "I've seen the light; I've seen the light. No more darkness, no more night." When he picked Sarah Palin, I said a woman that can field-dress a moose, who gives birth to a mentally-challenged child, who's an attractive woman with conservative values, who's pro-life, pro-gun, pro-family, pro-Ronald Reagan conservatism, is my kind of lady. I wish the ticket was reversed. I wish it was Palin-McCain.

HANNITY: All right. Bill Cunningham, we will see you before election day in the great state. It's your job to pull in Ohio for the good guys. Good to see you, my friend.

COLMES: Isn't McCain...

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