Astrology and Your Career

Work. We use the word for a reason. While I hope that most of us are lucky enough to have found our passion and actually enjoy our daily routine, for some of us, going to work can become, as the word is defined, a great exertion of labor. Factor in your boss, deadlines, and all of the personalities of an office, and the energy you have to exert just to keep your head above the water can become daunting. That's where knowing the astrology of your co-workers can aid you in swimming through any undercurrents with ease.

For now through October 15th, here's a look at how office personalities and politics may play out for you:

Earth: Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo have a new moon in the Earth sign of Virgo that will arrive on September 29th. New moons offer the chance to start something new. Although all three of these signs are favored by the new moon, if a Capricorn, Taurus or Virgo approaches you with a business plan of action for the month ahead, pay most attention to the Capricorn as they are most favored of all. Their work ethic will be strong and their advice will be solid, benefiting your wallet. Virgos have been feeling the pinch lately with money coming in and going out relatively quickly, but all of that will change after October 4th. Taureans are going to be so wrapped up in their own workload; you probably won't see them come up for air until the middle of next month.

Air: Communication is always key to a Libra, Aquarius or Gemini, but unfortunately, with Mercury, the planet of communication, going retrograde from September 24th through October 15th, there are sure to be many miscommunications afoot. To protect yourself and your business, double check any conversation you have with an air sign companion, especially a Libran, as they are the most likely to have their wires crossed. It won't be intentional, but merely a matter of not having all the information they need to get the job done at their disposal. Definitely don't sign any contracts. That goes for every sign of the zodiac. If you do, there will be aspects of the agreement that will have been missed and will need revision in the future. Aquarians will probably be out of the office on travel-related assignments for the better part of the month while Geminis will take part in any office shake-ups that come into play.

Fire: With barely any planets in fire signs this month, Aries, Leo and Sagittarius may be feeling a bit out of sorts. Aries will be dealing with partnership matters until the beginning of October; however, the partner will be running the show. If you happen to be the partner involved with an Aries, now is the perfect time to restore balance to your business relationship. It won't happen without conflict, but successful resolution is assured. Leos may find themselves the victims of a sudden expenditure they hadn't anticipated. Despite everything, Sagittarians are the money makers right now. Pay attention to their ability to generate income from now through the end of the year. The luck of Jupiter in their second house is increasing their earning potential, so watch what they do to help increase your own.

Water: Towards the end of September, Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces will find themselves especially lucky if they partner up with colleagues on business projects. If something comes served to you on a silver platter, it might actually be gold. If you notice your Cancer friend has left the office, it's probably because they are dealing with a home renovation or family matter. Scorpios will be ensconced in their own artistic vision in the days before October, so if you need some creative guidance, they are your go-to guys. As career has seemed stagnant for most Pisces since May, you may see them turning to friends for more solid footing and guidance. If you find yourself in that position, be a friend! It can only benefit you in the end!

Remember, astrology doesn't dictate free will, so, the choice is yours. You can either glide with the tide or push against it and create waves. I suggest gliding. It's easier and can make work feel more like play.

See you next month!

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