Russian Lawmakers on Quest to Ban 'South Park'

Moscow prosecutors began legal proceedings aimed at the cartoon series "South Park" Monday in a bid to kill Kenny in Russia.

Prosecutors took action against the 2x2 television channel for broadcasting an episode of the animated comedy series that featured Christmas songs, including a medley duet performed by Santa Claus and Jesus Christ.

Prosecutors have announced that the program "bore signs of extremist activity."

The episode in question, called "Mr. Hankey’s Christmas Classics," was aired in Moscow in January. It shows a number of regular and guest characters including Satan, Adolf Hitler and Mr. Hankey, an anthropomorphised human feces, performing in a Christmas variety show. An accompanying CD is available to buy.

"In accordance with the conclusions made by experts from the court investigations committee, a claim has been filed against 2x2 for its broadcast of an episode of 'South Park,'" said Valentina Titova, a spokeswoman for the prosecutors office.

The cartoon series created by Matt Stone and Trey Parker in 1997 has attracted criticism throughout its award-winning run and often targets special interest groups and religions for mockery.

"It offends the honor and dignity of Christians and Muslims alike," Moscow prosecutors said in a statement. "It could just have easily included Jews, Scientologists, Catholics, Mormons and Moonies all of whom have been mercilessly targeted by American series."

[Muslims consider Jesus to have been God's second-most-important prophet and treat him with the same reverence accorded Muhammad. About 10 years ago, a Muslim group sued the U.S. Navy over the name of the attack submarine USS City of Corpus Christi, objecting to the Latin for "body of Christ" being used on a weapon of war.]

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