Patient: Doctor Didn't Use Anesthesia During Medical Procedure

A doctor from Sydney, Australia, who performed surgery without anesthesia and abused and threatened patients, was struck off the medical practitioners list Monday.

The Medical Tribunal of New South Wales found Dr. David Charles Lindsay, 42, who ran Sydney Skin Care Clinic over the past 10 years, unfit to practice medicine.

One female patient testified Lindsay failed to apply a topical anesthetic after he removed a skin lesion from her thigh.

β€œHe sprayed something briefly on the surface of my leg and I experienced what felt like an incision, deep into the flesh,” said the patient, whose name is not being released. β€œI let out a cry of pain. He looked at me for a moment, and without saying a word, he went on with his work.”

The Tribunal said Lindsay lacked the sensitivity a doctor should have. "Again he cut into my leg. The pain was so excruciating that I asked, 'Have you got ether or something?' Again he said nothing. I could feel the implement being dragged through my flesh," the patient said.

When the patient complained about Lindsay, he made a note on her medical records stating: "Severe personality disorder - wants to destroy doctor's career. Nice."

In his evidence, he said the patient's complaint against him "demonstrated hatred".

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