Review: BlackBerry Bold Challenges Apple's iPhone

Let the battle commence.

Round two of the summer's smartphone war was joined this past Saturday when the first Blackberry Bolds went on sale in the U.K.

Times Online got hold of one of the eagerly-awaited handsets from makers Research in Motion to bring you one of the first hands-on reviews.

Business users have always been the core BlackBerry customers, but most recent converts have been consumers. RIM wants to attract more of them with the Bold, while keeping the core corporate market happy.

But the competition is fierce. The launch of Apple's 3G iPhone, designed to link up more easily with corporate e-mail systems, set a new standard for the smartphones and eroded some of BlackBerry's business advantages.

The iPhone is undoubtedly the design force in the land at the moment — and it seems very likely that Apple will easily beat its target of selling 10 million units by the end of 2008.

The Bold is the new flagship smartphone for BlackBerry. But is it an iPhone killer?

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